The sounds of repetition

March 22, 2013 — Leave a comment

I love the sounds of repetiton. They might be my favourite kind of sound.

What I like about them is their familiarity. Throughout the years you get to know them really well.

Because of your particular interests and passions they’ve been with you for years. And they’re probably here to stay for quite some time.

10,000 hours they say are necessary to develop mastery in a certain domain. If that’s what you’re going after, these sounds will slowly ingrain themselves into your skull. They’ll be with you for life.

These sounds embody progress. They’re the sounds of advancement, telling you you’re doing the work – you’re in it right now. Assuring you you’re on the right track. This is the hustle.

They are the iron plates clanging against the floor when doing deadlifts.
They are the pages turning when studying a book.
They are the basketball shooting machine releasing ball after ball when practicing free throws.

These sounds of repetition are letting you know one rep – one page, one shot, one deadlift – at a time that you’re taking the steps necessary to get to where you’ve set your aim.

The sounds of repetition serve as your emotional support group throughout your struggle – throughout the grind. They’re your feedback when you’re training your skills all alone.

What are your sounds of repetition?

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