Got Fight? – by Forrest Griffin

Forrest Griffin on toughness

How do you develop this kind of toughness? The answer is simple – do things that make your body and mind scream at you to quit, but don’t. Personally, I use the treadmill to accomplish this. Every other day, I’ll rev that sucker up to twelve miles an hour and do three five-minute intervals. Running at that speed for that duration doesn’t come naturally to anyone – it’s hideous, absolutely horrible. But by pushing past the pain, you become progressively tougher. You prove to yourself that pain is just that, pain. You can walk away from it afterward knowing that you surpassed a barrier that makes most humans curl into the fetal position and weep for Jesus.

Fear is a good thing because it keeps you alive, but if it becomes so great that it hinders you from doing what you want, you need to confront it head-on.

A fight [or just about anything else, my words] is just a fight, so don’t make it any bigger in your mind. (Perceptions. Enough.) Remember, your life is small and meaningless.


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