Strength training for life

February 14, 2013 — Leave a comment

Through strength training you make your body physically stronger. You create tiny tears in your muscle tissue by pressing and pulling a heavy weight. When your muscles recover from the effort, you get stronger.

By lifting iron you force your muscles to contract hard. You create tension – a lot of tension. You create tension because you don’t really have choice. Either this or your body collapses. When deadlifting twice your bodyweight, collapsing isn’t an option.

In strength training iron is the Resistance.

In daily life the exact same thing happens to you. You often arrive at home feeling worn out because of the shit that happened during the day. You feel all tense and irritable because you got pushed around, not taken seriously. You had to stay nice when dealing with some arrogant douchebag. Maybe you took a shot and tried something that scared you – and failed.

In life, the daily struggle is the Resistance. The Resistance that’s working against you – it often seems. Whatever you think it means, you’re right.

You think it’s trying to destroy you? It’s holding you back from achieving your goals?

You’re right if you think that.

Whatever your perspective is on your daily hustle, you’re right. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Look at this Resistance as the iron you’re pushing and pulling in strength training though. And that would change everything.

Instead of trying to avoid risk and hardship – you’ll start looking for it. You’ll start doing what you’re most afraid of because you realize that whatever happens to you – in the end – will probably make you stronger.

You’d look at all that negative stuff that crept into your day as feedback – feedback that will make you better prepared for the day that’s coming. Better prepared for life.

You take the blow. Learn the lesson. You move on – stronger, quicker, more agile.

The daily struggle – the hustle – is your strength training for life.

You recover and strengthen your mind by using it all as feedback.

Because that’s exactly what it all is: feedback.


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