Don’t consider your reputation. Do anything you like.

January 30, 2013 — Leave a comment

What is a reputation really?

The general estimation that the public has for a person.

So basically it is what the average person thinks of you.

Should this matter?
– Don’t think so.

Who are these people really? Who is this “average person”?
Do you like these people? Look up to them? Are their actions in any way an inspiration to you?
– NO.

Why then, should it matter to you what your reputation is with these people.

What you are telling me here is that you are trying to live up to a reputation people you do not like handed over to you.

You’re basically acting like a puppet playing a role directed by others in a play that is your life.

Don’t get this twisted. To let this influence your thoughts, your decision making – your actions – is always your choice.

Reframe what bothers you. Look at this stuff objectively – and you’ll see that it will all just flow away.

Like a dead fish lying on the shore. Slowly the waves take it back where it belongs – wasting away, in nothingness.

Do this with all of your false thoughts.

“Strip them bare of the legend that encrusts them,” Marcus would say.

Like the dead fish, lay these perceptions on that shore.

For the logos to take them away.


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