Meditations #1

September 15, 2012 — Leave a comment

Surround yourself with people who expect you to do the things in life that scare you. People who are honest with you and tell you upfront when you’re fucking around – when you’re making up excuses for not seizing opportunities when they arise. Just because you feel fear.

Ignore – and if necessary completely erase out of your life – the people that don’t see it in you, because more often than not they haven’t done shit themselves. They used to be the beautiful and unique snowflakes Tyler Durden talks about in Fight Club. Relying on how special they thought they were didn’t work out and now they try to bring down anyone in their social circle trying to leave their path of self-loathing behind and aim for more. Let them be proud of themselves when they tell you they’re realists, but don’t become one of them. Be an optimist. As Godin says, being a realist or an optimist might both be self-fulfilling.

Most of all overcome your own Resistance. Recognize that anxiety is internal, not external. It wasn’t forced on you, it was you that created it – these perceptions. And what you can create, you can destroy.


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